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Mums Who Magnetic Organisation Set - Pinnacle (Pink)

Mums Who Magnetic Organisation Set - Pink

The Mums Who magnetic planners make designing your command centre easy.

These high quality, whiteboard finish, fridge magnets make planning a breeze. Each magnet is designed with family life in mind.

The striking artworks by L'Artiste en Serie have been the inspiration for this range and is Available in Pink or Blue to suit your home decor.

The Mums Who Magnetic Organisation Set is sophisticated, practical and supports small Aussie businesses. Fully designed and printed in Australia using small Australian businesses.

What the pack includes:

Our Planner

245mm x 345mm whiteboard quality magnetic planner.

This magnet is designed to be used as a calendar for your important events and reminders. You may use this as a monthly calendar or as a weekly calendar with each family member having their own row. There are lots of ways to use this multi functional fridge front, planner.

A handy notes section can help you with finer details which may not be attached to a specific date.

Meal Planner

245mm x 170mm whiteboard quality magnetic planner.

Meal planning can help you save both time and money. Having your plan set out right in front of you can help keep you on track as well as letting the family know how they can help.

We have very thoughtfully labeled the meals, rather than the days. We know everyone shops or starts their week on different days depending on their lifestyle.

To the side you can fill in some prep reminders such as “defrost chicken” or “marinate beef” and simply tick off when done.

The handy “ideas for next week” section is great for when an idea pops into your head but you’ve already planned this week.

To use as a fortnightly planner simply draw a line down the middle!

To Do List

120mm x 170mm whiteboard quality magnetic planner.

A simple yet elegant reminder planner. List anything you need to get done, use different colour markers for different family members or use headings to divide the load. Keep a run sheet for parcels you have coming projects which need completing.

Use a tick to signify completion or simply wipe away with a whiteboard eraser.

Shopping List

120mm x 170mm whiteboard quality magnetic planner.

The humble fridge front shopping list isn’t new but we have given it a makeover. The stunning art work and high quality finish make it easy to remember you need avocados or a loaf of bread.

Use headings to list what you need at Kmart or Bunnings and shop once rather than making 12 trips and still forgetting what you went for!

Shopping will be a breeze with the Mums Who magnetic shopping list.


Add on:

Magnetic White Board Marker

The perfect accessory to go with our magnetic planner. Attach it right next to the planners on the fridge so you can easily make notes or make things off.

Marker may vary slightly from image.


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